#beminebookishvalentine 2/1/2019 ~book boyfriend/girlfriend~ . Hi! I am back with a new post. It's been a while since my last photo got uploaded, sorry for that🙈 . In today's photo I wanted to share with you my favourite book boyfriend, Thibault. Why do I love him so much? Because even when Elsa couldn't stand up for herself, he stood up for both of them. Because he was there for her even when nobody was. Because he didn't stop believing in her. Because, even though they were pretty much strangers, they had a connection between them. Because he motivated, directly and indirectly, to wake up from her coma. So yes, I love him for many reasons🙈❤ And I also love the "relationship" between the two of them. I mean, it's so cute and unsual that it catches you💕🤗 . #qotd What about you? Who is your book boyfriend/girlfriend? . And also, on my mug it says (in Hungarian) "Three angels sit on the ground, but their love together isn't as big as my love for you." So cute, right?❤ .